Monday, September 12, 2011

How too increase your android phones battery life

          OH!!!!!!!! ITS SWITCHED OFFFF---NO MORE

When i brought my first android phone LG p500 . I was so unhappy because the battery life is very less
It is not standing for even 8-10 hrs
But later through my analysis i found the trick to make the battery life longer
Now iam getting a battery back of atlest 40hrs 

      >>>>>>>>HERE IS THE WAY <<<<<<<<<

This is a not a trick

I found that 50% of my phone battery is eaten by the live wall paper application
and remaining by my display so if you follow the following steps iam 1000% sure that you will get atleast 35hrs battery back up eventhough if you use music player and all.

1 .Please avoid keeping live wall papers keep normal picture of small size as wall paper it will reduce 50% battery eating

 To change wall paper  long press on the empty area of your mobile phones front screen and select wallpaper-->gallery select the wall paper you want and set it

2. Dicrease your phones display brightness to  low brigtness

3.Please switch off wifi,bluetooth,gps unless you need this

                                                        Try this and feel the magic

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